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Wednesday - 05/29/2024
Byron Municipal Complex

401 Main Street | Byron, GA 31008

478-956-3600 | Fax: 478-956-5299

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

For after hour emergencies or service interruption please call


Byron Police Department Protects and Serves

The Byron Police Department has been protecting the lives and property of the residents of Byron and its visitors since the city was established in 1874. The department is organized into five law enforcement divisions with additional special units. In addition to patrolling the streets of the city, the department also patrols Interstate 75.

If you need emergency police assistance, call 911. Assistance will be provided as soon as possible! For non-emergency police assistance during normal business hours (9 a.m. until 5 p.m.), call 478-956-2880.

The Patrol Division is by far the largest and most visible component of the Byron Police Department. It is the responsibility of the Byron Police Department's uniformed Patrol Division to respond to calls for service through the 9-1-1 system, as well as medical emergencies. Generally, the police patrol officer is the first Byron Police Department employee you will encounter regardless of the problem or situation.

Due to the high volume of emergency 911 calls received by the city, some calls may be handled by other specialized units allowing for uniformed patrol officers to remain in service to handle priority calls.

Mission Statement

  • Preserve the lives and protect the property of the citizens of Byron, GA
  • Protect the constitutional rights of all individuals
  • Maintain order and encourage respect for the law
  • Ensure the proper and equal enforcement of the law
  • Maintain a knowledgeable, responsive, well- trained and accountable police force that discharges its duties and responsibilities with fairness, tolerance, and equality
  • Implement effective crime prevention strategies, fully investigate crimes when they occur, and expeditiously apprehend criminal offenders
  • Work with the community to identify, address, and resolve any law enforcement- related problems and concerns

To Serve and Protect

The Byron Police Department has a variety of programs that may include:

  • Child fingerprinting
  • Operation Identification
  • Bicycle registration
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • DUI crackdown
  • Security survey
  • Community Watch
  • Child gun safety
  • Drug Awareness
  • Human trafficking
  • Underage drinking

For more information about any of these programs, contact the Byron Police Department at 478-956-2880.

Confidential Crime Tip

The people who know the most about a neighborhood are its residents. Crimes are solved every day because concerned citizens notify the Police Department about illegal activity. You may have information that will help the City of Byron solve a crime, save a person’s life, or simply make our city a safer and more enjoyable place to live. Get involved. Take the time to fill out and submit the form below so we can address the problems in your area.


If a crime or other suspicious activity is happening right now, dial 911.

Crime Tip forms are checked Monday-Friday.

Provide NO identifying information about yourself if you wish to remain anonymous!

Drug Tip Submission Form

The City of Byron appreciates any information that you can provide. If you feel that there is someone causing a problem in your area, please complete the form below.

Investigators may contact you for additional information if you wish. If you choose to remain anonymous, however, be assured that the information you provide will be acted upon.

Contact Us

Byron Municipal Complex 401 Main Street
Byron, GA 31008
Non-Emergency Phone 478-956-2880
Fax 478-956-2133
Administrative Phone 478-956-2880
Fax 478-956-2133
Crime Prevention Unit Phone 478-956-2880
Fax 478-956-2133
Investigations Phone 478-956-2493
Fax 478-956-7737
Wesley H. Cannon
Chief of Police